Run! Jump! Throw! Punch! Kick! Dive!

The latest in interactive gaming technology, Kinect Hire offers a stimulating & fun entertainment experience without the use of any controls! The intuitive body motion control sensors accurately monitor the players body movements which are then duplicated on 40" LCD monitors. Joysticks are dead! No joysticks, no keyboards, just the players! The restrictions and complexities associated with joystick controlled games are replaced by the greatest controller of all - you! Parties and events come alive thanks to the Kinect Sensor and its animated form of game play.

Up to four active participants can compete against each other on a single Kinect unit, competing in a variety of activities which will keep them off the sofa and entertained for hours! Witnessing a friend or colleague mimicking the actions required in performing a simple a task or Olympic sport often provides an hilarious spectacle. Sporting events, pub games, speed reaction games, dancing and fighting challenges make up just some of the options available when hiring a Kinect Unit for your event. Healthy competition for any gender or age make our units suitable for exhibition stands, private parties and corporate events.




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